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How can I become a member, and why should I?

Becoming a member is required for creating your profile, our goal is to get the community to look after their own profiles and thus have pride in what is shown on this site. Because of this, you need to become a member so that your profile can be linked to your member account. Linking your profile to your account will mean that you can update it any time you like.

Please visit the following link to become a member, its free!

I want to become a member!

How much is it going to cost me?

  • Becoming a member: FREE
  • Creating your profile: FREE
  • Searching and locating your favourite sports team: FREE
  • Remembering the days when you used to play footy out on the school field: Priceless.

What do you mean free? Is this a trial period?

Though we fully understand that the promises of something being free have been tainted in this day and age, we can assure you that if you use this site for anything other then advertising your company then it is indeed free. Yes it will cost you absolutely nothing.

There are sites out there that promise it to be free to use only to change their minds two months down the track, we will not. For as long as OnlySport exists you will never have to pay to list your sports club or event again (on our site...)

What happens when my account is locked?

As a security measure, each account has a three strike limit.

The three strike limit means that you can enter an incorrect email or password only three times before you account will be locked for some time. This lock is design to stop other people trying to break into your account and tampering with your profiles.

If you find your account has been locked then please check your emails as an email that can unlock your account will be sent to you as soon as your account is locked. This is done because we understand how busy you are and we don't want to make you have to wait before you can log in again.