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How It All Began

The OnlySport project started in New Zealand in 2002 as a small idea from its creator, Drew Anderson, to answer a burning question - what can a poor university student like myself do this weekend?

Looking around there seemed to be a lot of outdated information about sports in the local community, but no information about what is happening this weekend.

To find out what is happening this weekend you needed to be a part of the group which was hosting an event as the information would never get past the groups' members. This meant it was a nightmare to find out whats going on, not to mention become a part of the event.

So the idea was created to help control this information and make it available to everyone from teams, to clubs, to fans! But it didn't have a name...

A couple of years passed by when Drew developed the idea futher and then discussed the concept with Mike, who was notably skeptical. During this time we had started our own company building websites for companies with another colleague Steve. The nameless idea was placed in front of the company. The concept of creating our own project was met with much contention but eventually, Mike caught onto the idea and could see the potential benefit to the local sporting community.

During a dark patch in the companys history we all decided to let the company fold and head off taking our own seperate directions. As the nameless project had not yet been started it was decided that Drew was to take full ownership of the nameless idea, leaving Mike to take an idea he introduced and Steve to take what was left of the original company to take it in a new direction. A few months later Mike decided he would like to be a part of the project so Drew and Mike both sat down and decided how to start... And what name it should have!

After a while (and a few drinks) we called it "OnlySport" and had a starting point!

Late 2005 programming began. April 2006 a New Zealand based company was created to hold the ownership of the project, the domain name was purchased and website hosting was selected. Since that time - with much effort from Drew, Mike and Jono - OnlySport New Zealand has been growing in leaps and bounds!

United Kingdom

In late 2008 Drew had decided it was time to go see some more of the world and moved to the United Kingdom where after a short time he noticed sports in the UK has a very similar problem! Information was very disparate and hard to find. After looking around he realised that OnlySport could benefit the United Kingdom as well! And so it was started,!

Learning from the experiences gained from OnlySport NZ, was started from a different point in the project and has so far been met with great enthusiasm from the UK sporting community!

OnlySport NZ has not been left behind, it is now in the capable hands of Mike who has been with the project since it started.

Over time more functionality will be added to the site and more services will join

We aim for to become a trusted household brand providing information, education and entertainment to both the UK sporting communities and sports fans everywhere!