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ICSM Men's Hockey Club



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ICSM Men's Hockey Club

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Combining Athleticism And Alcoholism Perfectly Since 1909!
The Men's Hockey Club; oh what an almighty force to be reckoned with. A brotherhood united by extreme hand eye co-ordination, disproportionate quadricep muscles, scraped muscles and the illustrious hockey-boy red trousers (Note that is 'Red Trow or NO Trow!')
With three full teams and over 100 members, this club is one of the Medical school's 'Big Four'. The Hockey Club is so good at galvanising you within the Med School sporting community and it is exactly the type of club any Fresher needs, whether your hockey is stunning or shameful!
Our mixed tour to Oxford in October is a great way for Freshers to get to know everyone in the Mens' and Womens' clubs and learn the true debauchery they can aspire to. The Hockey club, particularly over the last year, has generated a fantastic atmosphere surrounding both socials and matches. The club is free of egos and politics and is very much driven by good boozing and good hockey, brilliantly walking the tightrope between athleticism and alcoholism. Also with the club losing very few final years this year and with the prospect of an international tour, it is undoubtedly a very exciting time to get involved.