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Marlow Town Regatta 2012



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Marlow Town Regatta 2012

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Saturday, 9th June 2012

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Saturday 9th June - Marlow Town Regatta
Visitors to the Marlow Town Regatta can enjoy the rowing and riverside music, visit the Riverside Bar, picnic and visit the numerous craft, trade, food and charity stalls. Car parking, entry tickets and picnic space tickets are available for purchase online or through the Marlow Information Centre on Institute Rd, Marlow.
Sunday 10th June - Dragon Boating Festival
The annual Marlow Dragon Boat Festival is one of the largest dragon boat festivals in the country. It regularly attracts over 500 participants in 36 teams, which combined with large numbers of supporters both young and old creates a wonderful atmosphere and a truly fantastic day out for both participants and spectators.

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