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Worcester College Boat Club



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Worcester College Boat Club

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Not only is Worcester one of the most stunningly beautiful and friendly of the Oxford colleges, it also boasts one of the most popular, vibrant and up-and-coming boat clubs in the university. One of the five oldest Oxford boat clubs to take part in the infamous ‘bumps racing’, Worcester College Boat Club has experienced something of a renaissance in the last ten years. Both our men’s and women’s First Eights have won blades very convincingly in the last few years and the club boasts a college participation rate of about 40% at all levels.
If you are interested in rowing and have never rowed before, then Michaelmas is the term for you. Dedicated novice coaches will teach you everything you need to know culminating in Christ Church Regatta at the end of term. Just sign up at freshers fair, come along to the intro or email us for more details.
Every crew needs a cox, so if rowing is not your thing then maybe coxing will take your fancy. The role of a cox is crucial – steering the boat and making the right calls to ensure a race plan is carried out! If you are interested in coxing, you can learn in Michaelmas term – you needn’t have coxed before! Feel free to get in touch with our Captain of Coxes via our website.