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Location: London, UK

Sons of the Thames Rowing Club



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Sons of the Thames Rowing Club

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Sons of the Thames Rowing Club is run by its members for its members. Racing is the most important activity and we all take a pride in the achievements of our top crews. The victory of our womens' coxed four in the Frank Harry Cup at Henley in 2010 was special for everyone.
As you'd expect, the top crews train the hardest, earn the right to use the best boats and receive the most attention from coaches and coxes. That said, the club also strives to help all members get the most from their rowing at whatever level.
Our coaches have worked hard to bring on those who joined the club through our beginners' course last year. Equally, members at Masters level do have access to boats and are able to race when they want to, on their own terms. That's perhaps what makes us different from some of the larger Tideway clubs that are race-focussed to the exclusion of participative rowing.
The kind of people we are looking for will be prepared to contribute to the running of the club. If you're practical, you might help to repair a boat - especially if it's your crew that breaks it. Or maybe you could write our website, tow the trailer or help with the accounts?
You may even find you want to participate in the running of the club and join the committee. So if you are someone who is ready to contribute why not get in touch? You will be able to enjoy the sport in an environment that you have helped to shape.