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London Rowing Club



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London Rowing Club

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The key aim of the Club is to produce elite oarsmen but this group only represents half the active membership. The other half of the Club is made up of scullers, various Veteran groups and a group unique to London Rowing Club, The Irregulars.
The Irregulars started life in the sixties, when oarsmen who could not commit to a regular crew because of family and business demands, formed a casual group that agreed that they would turn up to row on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, whenever possible. The flexibility of the system has been its strength and an important part of Club activity for some fifty years.
In recent time ladies have become an important part of the group which has some 25 oarsmen and 10 oarswomen covering a wide spectrum in age and ability but all share the same joy in boating, exercise and comradeship.
There is a strong social aspect to the happy boaters. It is normal to meet up for a drink and a chat after an outing and on the first Wednesday of the month a dinner is held at the Club.
We are also enthusiastic rowing tourists, meet up with other English Clubs and row different bits of river. We also go abroad and in recent time have visited Venice for the Vogalonga, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and Holland.
Those joining us have some previous rowing experience, but we will shortly be running a “Learn to Row” course, which will provide an entrance for those with no rowing experience.