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Honto Judo

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We at Honto Judo aim to present Judo in the traditional way using the guidelines set out by the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano. These fundamental principles are “Maximum efficient use of power” and “The best use of energy and mutual welfare.” It is an art with the implication of first giving way to ultimately gain victory.
We aim to teach Judo as an art using principles and concepts; Judo is so much more than just a sport. More than Gold medals and Black Belts – it is a way of life that can benefit every aspect of the person.
We hope to present Judo in such a way that it will be the students who decide what they hope to achieve from the classes, whether they participate to build confidence, socialise, and gain fitness, balance, flexibility or even to compete. We will provide the knowledge for each student to follow their own path.
By teaching Judo as Physical Education we will aim to make the body stronger, useful and healthy while building character through mental and moral discipline. Most importantly, the Judo will be taught in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and no student will be put under ANY pressure. Judo is what each individual decides it should be. It is, we believe, a way of life.
Remember, “A negative frame of mind runs counter to the principle of Maximum Efficiency and that living in conformity with that principle is key to a forward looking mental state.” Jigoro Kano (Kodokan Judo).