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Sudbury Hockey Club



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Sudbury Hockey Club

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Sudbury Hockey Club was founded in 1912 in Long Melford. The Club moved its ground to Star Stile at Halstead 4 years later. In 1939 the Club moved to Quay Lane, but not for long, as any playing ambitions were interrupted by the war. The Club disbanded whilst players went off to attend to more seriousrs. matteOn successful completion of the war, no Hockey was played in Sudbury for another 10 years, when, in 1955, Lander Steed and Bob Ellison reformed the Club.
Prior to this there was a problem of where to play, as their first choice at Quay Lane was being used by Sudbury Town F.C.. However, when the footballers decided to move to the Priory Ground, the Hockey Club were then able to play again at Quay Lane in 1956.
Teams played on the grass there, together with gravel pitches at Sudbury and Gt. Cornard Sports Centres in the late 1980's, until the AstroTurf era arrived. In the 1991/92 season, our Mens 1st eleven travelled to Harwich (the nearest AstroTurf) to play their 'home' games whilst the Campaign for a nearer Astro gained momentum; a round trip of 70 miles.
A partnership was formed with Gt Cornard Upper School to fund the building of 'our own' AstroTurf pitch at Gt Cornard Sports Centre. The majority of the cost was met through grants from Suffolk Count Council, Babergh District Council, the Sports Council and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts. Local support also came from the Sudbury Common lands Trust not forgetting that Sudbury Hockey Club members raised £10,000 towards the project! It was opened in May 1993.
The Clubhouse at Quay Lane remains the headquarters of the Club and is still a warm and inviting social centre.