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Location: London, UK

Littleport Lions Korfball Club



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Littleport Lions Korfball Club

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Currently the Lions have 20 active members on their roster spread out over two teams and are always looking for new players to join. In the last 11 years Lions have become one of the biggest clubs in Cambridgeshire and have had many successes both on and off court. We’ve also found that Korfball is a fantastic excuse for trips to other countries, our exploits in Holland have become legendary!
For new players we can meet most needs since people can play to any level they wish, simply as an enjoyable form of exercise or to slam evil doers and play as competitively as you like. People from all walks of life are more than welcome and our players are drawn from a varied pool of different shapes and sizes as well as any age.
As stated above, we are always looking to welcome new players of all ages and we are a friendly bunch so feel free to drop by and give Korfball a try with us. Meh, if the Korfball doesn’t float your boat just join us in the bar afterwards!