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University Of Kent Korfball Club



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University Of Kent Korfball Club

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Korfball is simplified as a mix between basketball and netball but it is a diverse and spreading sport – both in the UK and overseas – where teams of eight are comprised of both guys and girls.
At the University of Kent we have (at the moment) two teams that play in a weekly Kent league. Throughout the entirety of the university year, we host home games and we also travel to away games that are always based locally in Kent. The UKC Korfball teams also journey across the country to university competitions such as Southerns, Nationals, and the Club Championships. We even fund ourselves to compete in the social Attila tournament in the Netherlands where teams from the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany participate.
Although we are a sports club we are very much a social club too; we are committed to the sport as much as the socials! As Korfball is proportionately cheaper than most other sports at university it leaves the majority of our student loans to allow us to go out together as a club at least bi-weekly. We vary our socials regularly and as we are university students a lot involve drinking – but all are a great laugh!
UKC Korfball is a growing club and a close family of friends where new members are always very welcome. Whether you want to play for fun, play competitively or want to socialise then join us – no one is ever turned away and players of all abilities are guaranteed a place in our teams! Join us both on and off the court and allow the UKC Korfball Club to give you the best (and most) of your University year!
If you have any questions then please ask us!