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Location: London, UK

Woking Korfball Club



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Woking Korfball Club

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WKC is looking for players of all abilities! If you have recently left university and are looking for a local team or if you are returning to the sport after a long time out, or even if you've never heard of the sport before we'd love to hear from you. It's an ideal way to make new friends and spend a couple of hours a week getting some good excerise - please take some time to look around the website, contact us and then maybe come and join us on Tuesday evenings for training.
If you have some experience of either netball or basketball, the chances are you'll be able to play korfball or at least have some idea of what Korfball is. It is a great and very welcoming sport for beginners, especially at Woking where we don't take ourselves too seriously and have players covering a wide range of ages and abilities. Korfball also has the natural advantage of being a very social sport as, of course, the sport features both men and women playing in the same team!
Woking Korfball Club organise a series of club social events during the course of the year including the annual Christmas and End of Season parties, race nights, quiz nights, visits to the dog track and many more.
Alongside the regular season games between September and May, Woking Korfball Club also arrange and participate in a number of friendly tournaments during the summer months, both indoors and out.