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Leeds University Judo Club



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Leeds University Judo Club

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Why Judo?
Judo is a sport for all; all ages, all sizes, all abilities, and both males and females. You can take part competitively, just for fun or to stay in shape.
Judo is an excellent work out improving overall fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. It also develops confidence, self-discipline and respect.
Unlike other Martial Arts there aren't different forms of Judo. Once you have learned Judo at one club then it is the same at every other club around the world.
There is opportunity for players to develop through a new theory based grading system which aims to improve fundamental skills, expand upon knowledge and prepare players for competition.
Competitions are held throughout the year in various locations and for all ages and levels. There are university competitions such as the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition and University of Sheffield International Student Teams (USIST) as well as local area competitions for those new to the sport.
If you don’t want to grade or compete, it’s not a problem. You may just want to have fun and keep fit.

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