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Location: London, UK

Leeds University Tae-Kwon-Do Club



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Leeds University Tae-Kwon-Do Club

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We are able to offer excellent instruction thanks to Murray's Taekwondo, who we have formed a close working relationship with over the years.They pledge that they can get members to 1st degree Black Belt in just 3 years!
Don't be put off if you are a beginner as everyone has to start somewhere! There are many aspects to TaeKwondo and our training sessions are structured in a way that allows individuals to develop their skills at their own pace. LUUTKD has a group of very experienced instructors who will help you find and develop your stengths in Taekwondo. If you show you are dedicated to improving as a martial artist and train hard enough, it is possible to become a black belt in just 3 years!

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