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Mendip Caving Group


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Mendip Caving Group

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The Mendip Caving Group consists of some 120 cavers of all abilities who have banded together to share resources such as ladders, ropes, caving library and accommodation on Mendip.
Members live mostly in the South East of England although there is a strong Mendip contingent. Other members live in Scotland, Ireland, France, USA, Mexico and Australia!
The Group is registered as a charity in the UK, and our objectives are: For the benefit of the public, the furtherance of all aspects of the scientific study and conservation of caves and their related features.
Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16 years with an interest in the objects of the Group.
Members have use of the Group's cottage at reduced rates, free use of Group equipment and free access to the library. They also receive MCG News - the newsletter of the MCG and Occasional Publications (a journal-type document published infrequently).