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Reading University Caving Club



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Reading University Caving Club

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Reading University Caving Club is one of the most active clubs at Reading, meeting each week, and spending at least three weekends away each term. Over the past year we have managed 23 caves, 8 big social events and 36 different pubs between us. Membership is open to both students and the general public.
Pleasant though the town of Reading is, it is somewhat short of caves. We will therefore typically arrange four or more weekends away each term, to some of the most beautiful parts of the country, including the Yorkshire Dales, Derbyshire, the Mendip Hills, Devon and South Wales. We realise that a whole weekend is a big commitment, particularly if you’re new, but it does give much more opportunity to get to know people and go a bit further afield, and often it’s just nice to get out to the countryside for a change.