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British Kitesports Association



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British Kitesports Association

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The Association has come along way since its beginings in 1999 .
On April 16th 2010 the British Kitesurfing Assoiation(BKSA) were granted as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Kitesurfing by Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland
The BKSA is now also an Association Limited by guarantee which gives increased protection for its members
The Associations remit is ever growing however its main objectives still remain the same-
Promote safe kite flying practices
Maintain beach and land access for kiteflyers in the UK
Publicize information about Powerkiting, Kitelandboarding, Kitebuggy and Kitesurfing
Keep developing its training scheme for beginners, instructors and examiners
Keep developing the BKSA schools network
Keep developing a network of clubs throughout the UK
Recommend all beginners to do a course at a BKSA recognised school
Run the British Championships
Promote Regional representatives as a point of contact for all councils
Attend as many kitesurf events/ trade events as possible
Promote safe practises and encourage use of insurance
Set up launch/ landing riding zones with every council/ landowner where possible
Membership open to all UK residence
Continue to forge links with National and International bodies
Boost club and membership to increase revenue to be a more effective association
Fund and coach talented riders
Promote Grass roots competitions/events held by clubs