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Location: London, UK

Newhaven Harbour Triathlon Club



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Newhaven Harbour Triathlon Club

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We are a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and friendly athletes, who decided over a year ago, it was about time we shared our vast race and life experiences with a much broader audience, so formed the Newhaven Harbour Triathlon Club. We have known each other for over seven years, racing in everything from marathons, hill runs, aquathlons, cycling events and of course triathlons. Some of our members just swim, others just bike, and then there are some who take a more serious approach, racing in Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships, and even Ironman World Championships. We boast of having two times Marathon Des Sables veterans along with Scottish and British triathlon champions and the highest number of Ironman athletes per capita of any club in Britain. But don’t let that put off any newcomers, we do have some triathletes who did their first ever triathlon swimming breast stroke, cycling on mountain bikes and I have heard even running in their cycle helmets!! Some say we are an unusual bunch, different ages, different sizes and different abilities, but with one thing in common, a positive attitude to life… and of course triathlon.