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Bournemouth Bobcats



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Bournemouth Bobcats

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The Bournemouth Bobcats were the premier American Football team on the South Coast between 1986 and 1991. The Bobcats won the Budweiser Premier Bowl in 1987, and competed at the top level of the game in the UK from 1988 to 1991.
At the end of 1991, the Bobcats folded and a new team, the Bournemouth Buccaneers arose in their place. The Bucs won the BNGL National Bowl in 1993.
In 2009 the Bobcats were reformed by Tim Iles and by 2010 they entered the newly founded British American Football Association Community League (BAFCL) as association team where they played 5 games (2-3). They concluded their association year with a 38 - 0 win over the Plymouth Spirit and 34-12 away win over Bristol Apache and successfully qualified to enter the league in 2011
2012 saw the Bobcats re-enter the British leagues after 20 years. This was an excellence inaugural season that ended up with and exceptional 4 and 6 record with wins against 3 out of the 5 clubs in the division.