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Location: London, UK

Weymouth and Portland Kitesurf Club



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Weymouth and Portland Kitesurf Club

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Weymouth and Portland Kitesurfing Club has come a long way since its early beginning in 2000, and is arguably the oldest Kite Surf Club in the UK.
The Club is committed to working continuously with all local stakeholders and authorities to maintain access to the great waters we have around the Weymouth and Portland area, ensuring that all Club Members conduct themselves in the appropriate manner to ensure the safety of themselves and the general public.
We welcome all levels of kitesurfer to join the Weymouth and Portland Kitesurfing Club, be it a new beginner having just completed their first lessons of kitesurfing, or the long term experienced rider. This variety of abilities is what makes our club the great place it is today, and will allow all members to progress in the sport by sharing of knowledge between its members, and increasing the standard of its members.
The Club is also a BKSA Affiliated Club and works continuously with the BKSA to ensure we maintain access to the great Kitesurf locations in our area. We also operate in conjunction with the recommended BKSA Codes of Conduct to ensure that the Club acts to a competent and safe level.