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Exe KiteBoarders

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The seaside town of Exmouth, the gateway to the Jurassic Coast, right opposite the legendary duckpond. We have some of the best watersports locations in the country in the form of the duckpond (the mouth of the exe estuary) and the seafront with its golden sands, awesome views and fantastic tidal conditions.
The two locations allow kite and wind surfing in a huge variety of conditions and wind directions.
Exmouth has many great places to stay and plenty of places to eat and drink, along with a couple of nightclubs, so whether you are just visiting us for the day or more everything you need is right here.
Kitesurfing in Exmouth has become massively succesful. On a perfect day, we have seen over 100 kites on the water! The sport has been thriving in Exmouth since the first pioneers hit the water over 10 years ago there has been an increasing number of riders enjoying the vast potential Exmouth has to offer.