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Location: London, UK

Keyhaven and Hurst Kitesurf Club



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Keyhaven and Hurst Kitesurf Club

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Keyhaven and Hurst Kitesurf Club (KHKC) has been set up to ensure that local kitesurfers respect the area's designation as an AREA OF SPECIAL SCIENTIFIC INTEREST and do everything possible to preserve and protect the area and its wildlife. As such, the club has had to establish a strict set of rules and guidelines for members and guests.
Whilst being a great location, the sites are small and can only accommodate a maximum of 6 riders at any one time. The area is very popular with many other enthusiasts such as sailors, birdwatchers, walkers and fishermen and the club has been set up to ensure that kitesurfers are considerate to the everyone else and the environment so that we can all continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.
Club members are issued with special, bright coloured rash vets so that non-members can be identified and so that local authorities can check members' compliance to the rules. Rash vests come with membership and must be worn by riders at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE!