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Lavington Track and Field Coaching Trust



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Lavington Track and Field Coaching Trust

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We are a non-profit-making Charitable Trust which was founded in July 2008 with the express purpose of providing coaching for athletes who would otherwise not have access to coaching on a regular basis as well as providing fitness and conditioning opportunities for members of the general public and those from other sports who wish to maintain their fitness during their off-season. We are now affiliated to England Athletics. This has come about as we have our own vests and our athletes are very keen to be able to represent us wearing them at competitions. This will also enable our athletes to have their results posted on the Powerof10 rankings if good enough.
The Lavingtons are in the midst of a rural area, where regular travel to other, bigger centres is time-consuming and perhaps out of the reach of many young athletes for reasons of lack of transport or support from others. The Trust is dedicated to overcoming some of these difficulties for local athletes and also providing them with coaching throughout the year with all the necessary equipment. It is also a misconception that you need to train on an artificial track to produce great results. We find that training on grass has the great advantage of being mostly softer, less high impact on the joints and reduces the possibility of injuries. Warming-up and after -session stretching in bare feet is another useful activity performed on grass. There is therefore no need to tell athletes that they have to travel distances to the nearest track if they wish to be coached successfully. In the outdoor season, we do negotiate one session a week at another Club's tartan track so that our athletes have the benefit of training on both surfaces. We do this by way of providing coaching in events that the other Club is short of expertise at and as such is beneficial for both of us.
The Trust recognize, as do others in the Wiltshire Athletics Association, that very few, often highly talented, junior athletes reach their true potential and that even feweLong Jumpr reach the senior ranks of the sport. Even where success has been achieved, there are still the difficulties of regular access for local athletes, which may inhibit their further interest and progression.
We simply offer training and coaching for those who want to try athletics, those already involved in athletics either in Clubs or in school teams and also encourage those with perhaps latent talents, to find an event at which they can succeed as a competitor. This training and coaching seeks to raise personal standards and to encourage young athletes to compete through to adult level; and to encourage adults and adult returners to participate once more. All sports benefit from athletics training, and the Trust encourages all its athletes to compete regularly for their clubs and schools (indoors and out/winter and summer); and, in addition finds supplementary competitive events (such as open meetings, and regional and national championships). Indeed, the Trust hopes to train its athletes to reach the appropriate entry standards for championships.