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Location: London, UK

Livingston Badminton Club



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Livingston Badminton Club

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Livingston Badminton Club was originally set up 2003 as a childrens after school club. Since then an adults club has been formed and we are now looking for new members of all skill levels. Whether your 18 or 80, male or female, we would like to meet you. We are also affiliated with Badmintonscotland. This means that if you wanted to enter competitions, or tournaments, yourself or with other members of the club then it would be possible to do so.
And of course if you are just a beginner who would like to develop your skills then we also have an ex Dutch international player who also happens to be the clubs founder. His name is John Jacobs and he is very willing to help. He is a P.E. teacher at the school and is always more than willing to give advice and help.
If you have children and feel they may enjoy badminton, why not get them along to one of the Junior sessions that we offer!
So why not come along and develop new friendships while getting fit and having fun!