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County Antrim Indoor Bowling Club



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County Antrim Indoor Bowling Club

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The Jim Baker Stadium opened its doors in September 1985 to meet the growing demand for Indoor Bowling facilities in Northern Ireland. It was named after Northern Ireland's World Bowls Singles Champion.
Jim Baker
The stadium has been a 'Centre of Excellence' - since its conception, it has produced many Lady and Gent Internationals and National Champions.
In recent years two British Isles Under 25 Championships have been won by the C.A.I.B.C bowlers, not to mention British Isles and World Titles.
We were awarded the British Isles Under 25 Championships in 2006 and hosted the event with unprecedented success.
'Third Age' or 'Veteran' players are a vital element of C.A.I.B.C. We also go out of our way to facilitate bowlers of all ages whose interest is in 'recreational bowling', including those who wish to experience it on a 'one off' basis. Coaching is always available at C.A.I.B.C.
Our normal weekly programme has evolved over the years to meet these different demands