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Leeds Canoe Club



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Leeds Canoe Club

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Leeds is one of the premier canoe clubs in the Yorkshire region. The club was first established in 1947 and was the first to be set up in West Yorkshire. We are an extremely active club, with pool sessions, river sessions and river trips running every week throughout the year. Our main speciality is white water kayaking, but we also regularly participate in Canoe Polo, Kayak Surfing, Slalom, Play Boating, and Canadian/Touring.
If you are new to the sport we have coaches who will introduce you to the basics in the safety and comfort of the swimming pool at Armley Leisure Centre. We recognise for some it can be a daunting prospect to come along to your first session. We welcome new starters in small groups, even if you come down on your own it’s unlikely you will be the only new starter that session. You will be introduced to your coach who will help you and your group learn the basics in a structured coaching session, you won’t just be left to work it out for yourself! Pool sessions are always followed by a trip to the pub which is a great opportunity to get to know people better and understand a little more about the club.
Following these pool sessions you can progress onto the river where we have training sessions on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer. Sunday trips are a major focus for the club and provide the opportunity to explore some of the best canoeing locations around Yorkshire and beyond. We usually run two beginners tips and two intermediate trips every month. Advanced trips are more weather dependant and often organised through forums such as our Facebook group.