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Pirates Canoe Club



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Pirates Canoe Club

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Pirates Canoe Club is a warm and friendly club with a safe, relaxed atmosphere. We have around 80 members of all ages, sexes and backgrounds so whether you are a white water junkie or have never been in a kayak before there will be something for you.
Being based in Kent the majority of our paddling is done on the sea and on the various rivers around the South East. We have members whose interests include a range of paddle sport disciplines. We run an active calendar throughout the year ranging from evenings at the Kingswood Activity Centre Swimming Pool (Ashford), to week long white water trips in the Alps.
Our away trips could be anywhere in Britain with regular venues including Pembrokeshire, The Gower, Devon, North Wales, Cumbria and Nottingham. We also run trips throughout Europe including France (white water), Portugal (surf) and Sweden (flat water marathon racing).
Pirates Canoe Club is affiliated to the British Canoe Union and has close links with local scouting and cadet groups who are taught by our qualified instructors.