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Location: London, UK

Jersey Canoe Club



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Jersey Canoe Club

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As a club member you gain access to the following:
  • Some very experienced paddlers who are keen to ensure that you enjoy your paddling and remain safe.
  • Local training courses and assessments based on British Canoe Union (BCU) standard.
  • Ability to hire Club equipment if you do not have your own yet.
  • Various organised club events, both weekly and ad-hoc.
  • Club shop to purchase kayaks, clothing and accessories at discounted prices.
  • An active Club committee that manages the club resources and promotes paddle sport.
  • Ability to hire Wolf's Lair at Egypt for a nominal fee
  • Third party insurance covering your paddle activities.
    The club exists to cultivate and encourage all forms of paddle powered craft, but most members have closed cockpit kayaks. These split into sea kayaks and play/surf kayaks.