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Aberdeen Kayak Club



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Aberdeen Kayak Club

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Aberdeen Kayak Club, founded in 1976, is one of the focal points for the development of Canoe-sport in the North East of Scotland. It is primarily involved in recreational river paddling, on both quiet backwaters and the foaming rapids, and with the competitive discipline of Slalom.
Summer trips include the opportunity to develop skills in the surf at local North East beaches as the rivers drop to low summer levels.
Summer also gives us an opportunity to explore the sea, coves and caves south of Stonehaven with a chance to see close up views of many varieties of birds and sometimes seals.
Winter trips target the more experienced paddler and include visits to the more technical sections of local waters. Should you wish to try something different there is always the benefit of helpful advice and tips from the senior and experienced club paddlers.
The Club includes qualified coaches and can provide coaching and grading to National standards.