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Caithness Kayak Club



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Caithness Kayak Club

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Caithness Kayak Club was established in the year 1977 to unite canoeists and kayakers from Caithness so that they could enjoy the sport with other people. We have an equipment shed by the harbour at Ackergill, where we keep most of our paddling equipment and paddle on the sea during the summer months.
Throughout the year we have excursions around Caithness and sometimes further a field, along the shores of the beaches as well as on several of the lochs in the region. When there is enough water in the Thurso river , we head for a bit of white water action.
In the winter and spring months, when the sea water is a little colder, we have sessions at Wick Swimming Pool, where we practice techniques and play games of water polo and similar things as well as introduce new people to the basic concepts of kayaking in a warm safe environment to build confidence, teach rescue techniques to prepare them for our summer outside sessions.