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Location: London, UK

Basingstoke Gymnastic Club



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Basingstoke Gymnastic Club

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Welcome to Basingstoke Gymnastic Club - we are an exciting, dynamic Club with a large membership of gymnasts and trampolinist's ranging from beginners to elite level. We offer a wide range of sessions for all ages and abilities - upwards from sitting babies to adults - at our gymnastic club there is something for everyone, free trial sessions make choosing the right course easy!
A dedicated and highly qualified team of coaches ensure that all sessions provide fun and activity in a safe, stimulating environment.
All our sessions are coached or supervised by coaches, who have passed gymnastic coaching qualifications awarded by the sports governing body – the British Gymnastics Association. We also make sure that all our coaches are enhanced CRB checked, so you can rest assured that your children are having fun in a safe, stimulating environment. Your membership fee for Basingstoke Gymnastic Club includes British Gymnastic Association insurance, so your child is then automatically insured whilst in our sessions and has the additional benefit of being a member of a recognised sports club.
We believe that Gymnastics is an ideal foundation for all sports and develops skills to take further for an active, healthy lifestyle. Focusing on balance, agility, co-ordination, flexibility and strength, Gymnastics can be enjoyed at any age and at any level and helps build confidence and self-esteem through the challenge of mastering the techniques.