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Location: London, UK

Capital Academy of Gymnastics and Dance



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Capital Academy of Gymnastics and Dance

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Capital Academy of Gymnastics and Dance aims to offer quality inclusive Gymnastics and Dance classes for all ages and abilities in a fun-filled healthy and safe environment. We endeavour to offer an opportunity to all to participate and progress according to their ability and realise their potential.
At Capital Academy of Gymnastics and Dance we firmly believe that the benefits of participation in sport and exercise has immense value for all. Gymnastics and Dance participation teaches children the qualities of hard work, concentration, sportsmanship and dedication and develops confidence, self-esteem, persistence, self-belief and personal challenge.
Gymnastics is arguably the best and most productive physical activity any person can participate in. For a child, participation in Gymnastics and Dance from an early age will improve their chances of sporting success, in whatever sport they may eventually choose.
We hope Gymnastics and Dance will help to instil in our members a lifelong love and appreciation of movement and exercise and that everybody's involvement with Capital Academy will be productive, happy and memorable. Give your child the right start – the Capital Academy start.