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Droitwich Spa Judo Kan



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Droitwich Spa Judo Kan

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We pride ourselves on having a good friendly atmosphere between both parents and children.
The club has been running for over 40 years and was the first martial art club within the town.
If you are interested in gaining confidence, self-defence, and learning a martial art then pop in to take a look.
We advise for all members to arrive 15mins before all sessions.
Thursdays from 7pm, this class is aimed at all abilities.
Friday Mini Ninja's/Nurturing group for 5 years-7.5 year’s session starts at 5.45pm until 6.50pm.
Main Class starts from 7pm, for 7.5 years upwards.
What to wear and bring along for your first session.
If you would like to try judo, please wear loose fitting clothes e.g. Track suit trousers or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt .
Please bring a water bottle.
All females taking part must wear a suitable round neck t-shirt with no buttons.
(No metal in Hair Bobbles/ No Piercings/Make up or Jeans for males and females),
We will provide a Gi (Jacket).
Group Rules.
1. Always listen to your Sensei, when your Sensei is speaking do not interrupt.
2. When MATTE is called you must stop straight away.
3. No jewellery must be worn on the mat and no make-up (including nail varnish).
4. Respect and be supportive to all abilities.
5. No hitting or slapping anyone.
6. Always use appropriate language towards each other on the mat and whilst in the dojo.
7. Toe and finger nails should be short and clean.
8. Don’t walk off the mat without zori’s or footwear else you will be asked to wash your feet.
9. Judo Gi’s must be worn and clean, belts round waist unless told to remove them.
10. If you’re late or waiting to come on to the mat please wait at the mat edge until you’re asked to join in, by the senior on the mat.
11. If a lesson is in session please enter the dojo quietly.
12. Remember to bow on and off when leaving and entering the mat and Dojo.
13. Please make sure your kit is safe for use.
14. No silly behaviour on and off the mats as accidents can happen.
15. At the end of the session please remember that when raeing off it goes in grade order i.e. all the same belt colours get up at the same time except the Dan grades who get up first.
16. If registered within the club, you have a duty to be loyal to your club and members at all times.
17. If your child/children have a disability whilst attending the club a parent/carer should be present at all times. (Will be at the head coaches’ discretion)
18. Electronic equipment i.e mobile phones/tablets are not the clubs responsibility they are your own, so if you let someone else use it and it gets damaged it is your own responsibility not the clubs.
19. Remember to bring a water bottle as you will get thirsty.
20. Please arrive 10 minutes before the session starting.