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Location: London, UK

Jamie's Gymnastics Academy



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Jamie's Gymnastics Academy

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Jamie's Gymnastics Academy is set up in order to try and teach young people a few fundamental lessons!
To learn the basics of gymnastics and to learn them well, with an air of style in their performances. But most importantly to enjoy themselves and have fun taking part in not only the greatest, but the most under-rated sport in the world.
As an academy, we believe it is important for children not to feel at all pressured to be the best and succeed every time. Instead to show them that if they enjoy themselves, work hard and have fun that success will indeed come their way in some shape or form.
The academy prides itself on the way our gymnasts perform their skills with elegance and grace as well as the manner in which each gymnast conducts his or herself. That is why we are here to guide children to a level of gymnastics that they feel comfortable with by teaching them how to perform basic moves to a high standard.
So come and join the club that's got the 3B's...