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ExeCalibre Dragon Boat Club is a water sports club based in Exeter, Devon.
Dragon Boat Racing is a water sport with origins in China. The modern version of the sport sees highly decorated 12 metre long boats race over courses varying from 200m to 2000m.
The sport of Dragon Boat racing is unique because it does not rely exclusively on brute strength. A technically good crew will always be superior to one based on raw power. For this reason, the sport lends itself to those who do not excel in 'traditional' sports, and is suitable for men and women, young and old, large and small alike.
Training with ExeCalibre Dragon Boat Club is an excellent way to develop all over body fitness, whilst meeting new people. There is a common misconception that paddling is an 'arms only' sport. This is definitely not the case in a Dragon Boat, the whole body is involved in making the boat travel at its fastest. Regular paddling helps develop excellent core strength, working the muscles in the abdomen, shoulders, back, legs and arms, leading to improved strength and stamina. Our paddlers have seen substantial changes in their overall health, many have lost weight since they have been paddling, others have increased their muscle tone, and every paddler in the club benefits from an improved social life!
ExeCalibre Dragon Boat Club has paddlers of all levels who train and socialise together, including five who have recently represented Great Britain on the World Stage. Others are committed to racing at domestic level, travelling to the UK-based events, competing with the hundreds of established and scratch teams across the country. A few of our members have yet to experience their first race, whilst others have hung up their racing gloves, but still remain involved with the club for the fitness which comes from regular paddling, of course, for the social events!