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Poole & Bournemouth Volleyball Association


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Poole & Bournemouth Volleyball Association

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Poole and Bournemouth Volleyball Association has information on many aspects of both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball... from fixtures to local clubs and their teams... from training to tournaments... help and advice on how to set up new teams (friends or Company volleyball teams), and any other news relevant to our sport.
Whether you are a novice wishing to take up volleyball and find a team to play for, or a seasoned player who has just moved into the area... somewhere within these pages we aim to give you the information you need to get on a volleyball court and play!
One thing for sure, is that a lot of volleyball is played locally. From the very young (many of which have gone on to play at a high level (including playing for our national teams), to the more mature players who just play for fun and the social side of the game.