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Location: London, UK

Newmarket Volleyball Club



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Newmarket Volleyball Club

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We are a friendly bunch, comprising many original members from all those years ago. Some are showing it more than others, and whilst many have come and gone, all are welcomed back!
We are quite an international club now as well, currently sporting representatives from Estonia and a new posse from the local Air Force Bases. We are generally a mens club, but that is only because no girls come along!
If you are interested in joining the mix, we have opportunities for various levels of volleyballers from novices to experts.
We will take on rank beginners, on the understanding that we have very little training time and no dedicated coaches. As a result, after a small introduction to the game, we will want you to integrate with the squad training and hurl yourself into it with 100% effort. If you're not going to make it, you'll almost certainly know yourself.