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Northern Jump



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Northern Jump

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Northern Jump was launched as an official volleyball club in May 2008 with the support and financial backing of Pride Sports. The club is still run on a fairly informal basis, but is organised by a committee.
Members are encouraged to take an active part in the operation and development of Northern Jump. Please feel free to contribute any ideas you have in this respect. We need volunteers to help out at events (e.g. Pride weekend, flyering). We encourage as many members as possible to attend the AGM where we elect new committee members and discuss issues concerning the organisation of the club.
Northern Jump is affiliated to the National English Volleyball Association.
We are a friendly, informal group of players of varying age and ability and are always looking for new players who want to play games, improve their skills, keep fit, make friends - or all of the above! - with an emphasis on having fun. The group is open to all LGBT people regardless of age, sex, fitness or ability.