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Worcester Athletics Club



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Worcester Athletics Club

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We are a family club, composed of members ranging in age from 9 to 80 of all athletic ability, both competitive and non-competing.
The club is administered by a committee (voted in annually at our A.G.M.) on which all interest groups have representation.
With a large and diverse membership we believe our members' and club interests are best served when we take a full and active role in local and regional athletics organisation; club officers currently serve on County and Midland area committees.
The club's strength is in our UKA licensed coaching team who deliver their coaching with passion and professionalism, appropriate to age and ability.
Members also assist the athletics community as technical officials; they are licensed and graded by the governing body and we have officials to cover all the disciplines (starter/marksman, timekeeper, track judge, field judge, walks judge and endurance).
Members are encouraged to qualify or extend their coaching or officiating qualifications and usually receive financial assistance to do so.
Members registered as competing, have the opportunity to participate in the following leagues and meets and proudly wear our club colours, the distinctive yellow vest with red and black diagonal sash.