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Football Association of Wales



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Football Association of Wales

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The Football Association of Wales (FAW) is the governing body of association football in Wales. It is a member of both FIFA and UEFA.
Established in 1876 (at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham), it is the third-oldest national association in the world, and is one of the four associations (along with the (English) Football Association, the Scottish Football Association, the (Northern) Irish Football Association and FIFA) that make up the International Football Association Board, responsible for the Laws of the Game.
The FAW is responsible for the administration of football in Wales, running the six international teams - namely the "A", "Under 21", "Under 19", "Under 17", "Women's", "Women's Under 19", Women's Under 17 and Semi-Professional.
The FAW is also responsible for all disciplinary actions against players in teams associated with the FAW. This includes Welsh teams playing within the English football pyramid, superseding the English FA disciplinary system.
The Football Association of Wales is based at Neptune Court, Vanguard Way, Cardiff.