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Chesterfield Swimming Club



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Chesterfield Swimming Club

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Chesterfield Swimming Club began in 1983 as Middlecroft SC before changing its name to Chesterfield SC in 1988. It is now North Derbyshire's largest competitive swimming club.
If you are already a swimmer and want to work hard to develop your technique to compete in the sport, we have the professional coaches and water time resources to give you every chance of success. Chesterfield SC regularly produces Derbyshire Champions and many swimmers who qualify and achieve success at regional and national championships.
We train using Queen's Park as our main base but with access to several other pools around the town. We also take advantage of our proximity to Sheffield to offer weekly long-course training at Ponds Forge for our top squads.
For details on how to join the club see our website at
At the other end of the scale, if your child wants to learn to swim or you are an adult who wishes to learn or just gain more confidence in the water then take a look at "Learn to Swim" on our website.
The club also operates a club shop where you can buy a wide range of swimming goods.