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Deans Youth & Ladies FC



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Deans Youth & Ladies FC

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With over forty years now behind us, there is much to recount about this great club. Without doubt though, any history lesson on Deans has to start with its founder, chairman and coach to the current Under 7's, Dennis Schofield. Yes, we did say coach because even in his late 70's, Dennis is as active on the pitch today as he ever has been. But that could be said of him in every other respect too because in the four and a bit decades in which he has served the Club, his dedication and love for it has not changed one iota, remaining as instrumental as ever in trying to move it forward to bigger and better things.
In 2004, we paid tribute to Den for his unique contribution by staging a 'This Is Your Life' type evening for him. It was a great occasion and one which totally surprised him when he was pounced upon as he entered what he had been told was a Halloween fund-raising event. As the penny began to drop and he slowly realised that the gathering of 150 or so faces, some from the past and some from the present, was in fact in his honour, he was clearly moved. At the introduction of his son and grandson, who had travelled from their home in Holland for his special night, he was unavoidably in tears. By the time the evening was brought to a close with (as in the time honoured way of the famous TV show) the handing over of the 'Red Book', there wasn't a dry eye in the house. A mark of the respect for the man and a mark of the community spirit that is Deans.