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Beaminster Ladies Hockey Club


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Beaminster Ladies Hockey Club

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In the 1989/90 season the Women's Clubs West Hockey League (WCWHL) was launched. Beaminster Ladies Hockey Club (BLHC) felt they had no option but to enter it if they wanted to continue to play a high standard of hockey on a Saturday. They successfully played in this new league but found that over the next few years their Saturday and Sunday friendly fixtures were being called off by the opposition. It was decided that this was probably due to the fact that the WCWHL games held more importance than the friendly games, and unlike the league there were no penalties for calling off a friendly game.
So in 1994 under the guidance of club stalwart Ken Mackesy "The Friendly League" was created. The league was run along similar lines and rules to the WCWHL, but it was there to encourage those clubs who had second teams that didn't play in the WCWHL or for clubs who had no league hockey at all. So the term "Friendly" wasn't there to imply fair play and amiability (although it was hoped this would still happen!), but there to create a structure of games to replace those all to frequently canceled friendly matches.
So for the last 10 seasons BLHC have successfully run this league, have encouraged clubs to fulfill their fixtures, and have not had to administer too many fines for postponements.
Long may "The Friendly League" continue in the spirit of Sunday hockey. Most satisfyingly of all, BLHC have seen and encouraged the future of senior hockey in the promising juniors that turn out every weekend.